Rapid demand

Rapid demand

If you are looking for an optimal logistics solution for your projects and orders, do not hesitate to contact us.

Non-binding demand is the best way. We will gladly provide you with a price calculator based on your specifications and requirements.

The official name: Logistické centrum Třebíč
Address: Třebíč Pocoucov
Phone number: +420 777 880 164
E-mail: info@logistickecentrumtrebic.cz

Free spaces

Free spaces

The total storage area is 7000 m2 at a warehouse height of 9 meters.

At present, we have a free warehouse area of ​​3500 m2, 4500 pallet spaces. Contact: 777 880 164, 777 864 961.


Logistic centre Třebíč

Welcome at the website of Logistic centre Třebíč. The centre owns and operates the family company Brabec velkoobchod s.r.o. (Brabec Wholesale Inc.), when executives are Pavel Brabec, Petr Brabec and Pavel Brabec Jr.

Our family company works indenpendently of the big corporations. If stands some problem we solve it personally. We are trying to have maintain a friendly athmospere family company. All employees know each other, they know where is their place and they feel at work well.This structure without unnecessary extra workforces permits us to provide the high quality services with the very low prices.The prices are low because of location at the Highlands region.

We don´t ofer one solution to all, but we try aproach idividually to each other according to their requirements. We strive to maximize efficiency at the minimal cost, and according to the feedbacks from customers, we are doing well.

The history and the first logistic services start at 1991, when the wholesale of beverages at food was estabilished , whitch we operate today.

The logistics centre is located on the outskirts of the town Třebíč near the D1 highway exit. For the logistics services in the Highlands region it is an ideal location. The motorway is a 12-minute drive from the high-quality, year-round roads. The business hours take seven days a week.

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