warehouse spaces

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Warehouse spaces

The warehouse premises meet the criteria of the category A. The storage halls have the area of 7,000 square meters at the warehouse height of 9.5 meters. The pallet capacity is 9300 units. It also includes an the administrative area of 648 square meters, an the outdoor area for the further storage and sufficient parking spaces and parking spaces.

Our company has been audited and the warehouses has met the requirements of the quality system according to the international standard ISO 9001-2009 and the environmental protection system ISO 14001: 2005, and it fulfills the HACCAP system of the critical points.

The warehouse space includes a fully-fledged food production facility where we can offer the additional services in this segment.

The warehouses are equipped with the fireproof EPS, cameras, security with the constant surveillance with the cameras are monitored also the outdoor parking areas and the parking.

The warehouses are equipped with the Proman is new quality shelves. A part of the warehouses is without the racks to install the shelves directly to the customers.

The temperature and the humidity in the warehouse halls are maintained and monitored according to valid regulations.

Our company uses the Jungheinrich brand electric handling equipment only.

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