Service offer

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Our services


  • in shelves or on open areas
  • pallets of various sizes
  • goods without pallets
  • picking zones

Handling of goods

  • we also serve larger companies with a large volume and range of goods
  • maximum handling per day 1152 pallets in / 1152 pallet out
  • possibility of planning time windows for unloading, loading

Expedition on behalf of the custome

  • customer cares about his business, we about his complete logistics
  • delivery of delivery notes, invoices
  • call center, our operators are not able to receive only customer orders but also to actively invite clients to call or solve other business and logistics activities
  • unpacking, sorting, packing, packaging, checking, labeling, marking, assembling of goods
  • picking goods in FIFO mode, FEFO distribution of goods in "pick by line" or "cross dock"
  • stock records, packing account management, inventory distribution of goods by mail
  • order to recipients throughout the Czech Republic, Slovakia delivery of goods by our own road transport
  • we are here for you the hole week

Rental of warehouse space

  • we offer the option of renting warehouse space adjusted to the customer directly to the
  • Rental rate of office space to customers 
  • we do not offer just a storage and logistics, but also the possibility of a long-term lease of office space directly in the building of the Logistics center.

You do not want to carry about employees?

For rent: at our office, pay to trade, we will take care of your logistics, and you will be right there.

Call center

  • we have our own team , which can carry out the communication in the store exactly according to the requirements of the customer is own


  • flat of 35 vehicles, regular weekly deliveries throughout the Highlands, Znojmo and Palava (joint distribution with wholesale) other areas by agreement

Sheltered workshop Region

  • thanks to the employment of disabled workers in the LC can LC all the services invoiced through a "Sheltered workshop Region" as the so-called "cure".


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